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The Risen King


This is to honor our King. The Risen King.


Let’s let go of our pain, our fear, our struggles, and our worries. Let’s let go of everything we know and let’s place our focus on Him. As you read along these lines, I pray you find Christ and dive deep into more of Him, in His word.


This man is no ordinary man. He is the Messiah. The true living Son of God.


When we hear that Jesus Christ was a human by birth through a virgin, we think of Him as one of us. Some of us are wondering how on earth did a virgin give birth. And although He was human, He stood out like a white rose in a garden full of daisies. Can we detach Him from us and recognize Him to be the strongest and most courageous  person ever to live upon this earth?


Jesus admitted to us that He is the Resurrection. Resurrection is the act of coming back to life after being dead.


Us being humans it’s kind of hard for us to process someone being 100% dead and then coming back to life. It’s inhuman. It’s unbelievable. It’s completely insane.


Imagine this: You see on channel three news that an elderly woman passed away and then four days later she arose out of her casket fully alive and breathing. No longer dead but risen. It sounds impossible right?


I encourage you to read the Death of Lazarus (John 11)


But yet He did it. He came back to life, proving to us that He is the Messiah. That He was the Chosen One of God. We often recognize ourselves to be chosen but sometimes we put ourselves before the first one ever called by God. We love using or hearing the word chosen. I mean who doesn’t it’s beautiful and majestic, but we sometimes forget to acknowledge the Chosen One.


God chose Jesus before He could ever choose us. Jesus came first before the world first ever existed. The Bible declares He was chosen before the foundation of the world. We love hearing that about us, but we completely look past the One who made it happen.


It’s Jesus. Our Risen King.


Jesus walked this earth as fully man and fully God. Again, this is hard for some of our minds to process because we’re only used to humans being humans. How could one be fully human and fully God as well when there’s only one God?  Is probably what’s on your mind.


In His earthly life, Jesus was born a descendant of King David. In His heavenly life He is the Son of God. As children of God, in our earthly life we were born into our family’s lineage. In our heavenly life we are sons and daughters of God. This couldn’t have happened without Jesus. Jesus was the first to ever do it, and that’s why He deserves the glory. It’s all about Him, never about us. We live for Christ the same way He died for us.


Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross. The Jews, Pharisees and Romans tortured him on the cross because they accused Him of blasphemy. Saying that He claimed to be the Son of God, and that’s exactly who Jesus claimed to be. Those who kept God’s law were so fixed on Christ’s mysteriousness and relationship with God they let a murderer go scott free instead of Christ the innocent man who committed no crime. All because they hated Christ and the attention He was receiving from those who chose to follow Him. They were jealous of Jesus and Him claiming to be a representative of God but yet hanging with sinners, forgiving people of their sins, healing the sick and casting out devils. Only something God, Himself could do. They couldn’t process the Love of God because they were too full of hatred and thought keeping the law was going to get them into Heaven, something they failed to do because here they were committing many sins including murder. They were so blind that they couldn’t see that God was there all along beside His Son, using His Son for their salvation.


Salvation means deliverance from guilt and the power of sin. By Christ’s death and resurrection, Jesus brings salvation to those who believe in Him.


The Pharisees were so blind to the works of God they couldn’t see the sins they committed in the sight of the Lord. God sent His own Son among the earth, and they were trying so hard to kill him. God turned them over to a reprobate mind and let them have their way. Let them feel as though they were doing God a favor by killing His Son who claimed to be one with God. They took the presence of God for granted and looked down at Jesus as if he were one of them…a sinful human being. They lacked respect for Jesus all because He didn’t have fame, money, or power like they did. His outside appearance didn’t quite fit their worldly standards, so they despised Him especially Him claiming to have anything to do with God.


Remember when I said He was a white rose in a garden of daisies. Well, that’s exactly what He was. He shined so bright. The light of the world among the darkness of men. As a human we have a sinful nature because of Adam the first human being created by God who chose to disobey God and fall for the temptation of sin. That’s another story within itself. But however, although Christ was human, He was sinless. He never committed any wrongs. Christ walked perfectly in righteousness. Satan tempted Him with the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, something Satan still manages to do today but Jesus didn’t make a move. Jesus had the choice to sin like Adam did, but He chose righteousness every time. He chose the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit, and a spiritual weapon that the enemy is afraid of us using. Jesus chose life. He chose God. He sacrificed His human body and needs for God every single time. God sent Jesus Christ to do what Adam couldn’t do and that was obey Him with a cheerful and willing heart even in the midst of pain and suffering of others. In the temptation of taking control of His life and becoming His own God by choosing sin, He depended on God to give him what He needed in order to live on this earth.


And God never failed Him.


When they wanted to kill Him, God said it wasn’t time.

When they wanted to push Him off a cliff, God said it  wasn’t time.

When they wanted to beat Him, God said it wasn’t time.


When Jesus finished the works of His Father on earth, then it was time for the most crucial moment in life Jesus would have ever had to face for our sakes. Our sins punished Him on that cross. He did no wrongs yet every sin we committed beat Him and left a whip mark, a wound, and scars on His earthly body. It was because of Christ’s act of obedience, His perfect blood that dripped from the scars we gave Him that cleansed us of our sins. They heal our wounds. He was the lamb that had to be slaughtered and He was taking time to be prepared. He was a spotless lamb being sacrificed for our uncleanliness.


After three days of Him dying on the cross, the most impeccable thing happened! He arose from the dead. His scarred body was filled with the same holes the nails left behind in his hands and his feet on the cross. The same hole the spear that was used to pierce him through the side so that His clean blood would be shed upon us.


How did he come alive; you ask? I know, I know that’s insanely impossible. Well from our human perspective it is.


Well see here’s the difference between God and His creation (humans).


We are natural and He is supernatural. He lives in a spiritual realm something we can not see beyond this earth and the universe. While we live in this earth the physical realm and only capable of seeing the galaxy and the stars.


God is one but He operates as God the Father. God the Son. God the Spirit.


God the Father is God. God the Son is God. And God the Spirit is God. For us God made a plan, and He wrote it Himself directly for us to be saved. God planned for His Son Jesus to die for our sins so that we can receive His Righteousness.


Righteousness means being in a right relationship to God; not guilty before God.


Remember Christ came to take away the guilt and power sin has over us every time we choose sin instead of God.


God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all came together to save us from being separated from our Creator.


God the Father raised Jesus Christ from the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit that breathed life into Jesus after He died. You see how all three of them worked together to accomplish the plans God made for us. Meaning that if Jesus Christ resurrected (came back to life) … He defeated death. He overcame death literally by rising from the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit.


He was appointed the Son of God through the Holy Spirit by His resurrection from the dead. The same Jesus the people beat and mocked because He claimed to be God’s Son were the same people who lost the battle because Christ overcame everything they did to Him. They thought they killed Christ, but God proved to them that He really was the Son of God by performing a miracle only God can do Himself. The resurrection is important because it proves Christ’s divine nature.


Divinity is something only given by God, something that belongs to God.


There’s a huge gap between our sinful nature and Gods righteousness that Christ had to come between us and become fully human to allow us to be made right before God. And it’s the shedding of His perfect blood that covers us, allowing God to see us as He sees His Son. Perfect. Flawless. Without fault or blame. Without guilt. To those who accept this beautiful, unique and powerful testimony of Jesus Christ allows God to see us as His children. We are saved because of what Christ did, nothing we have done. The Gift of Righteousness is given to us by God through the death, resurrection and life of Christ. All we need is faith to believe in the Risen King.



God is:   


Not able to die



Lives forever


Without beginning or an end






He is the Creator

He is the Maker

He is the Husband



Life giving Spirit


Humans are:



Able to die


Has a birth date and end date

Has a beginning and an end




Gods’ creation

Have earthly bodies


Made of dust

Natural body







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