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Ministerial Ordination Application

Ministerial Licensing & Ordination Application

Thank you for choosing to apply for your Ministerial Licensing & Ordination with It Ain’t Over Ministries.  We look forward to working with you to help you accomplish your dreams and fulfill your calling.  If you are at this point in the process, it is assumed that you have already been in much prayer about your calling and seeking God’s will for you to become officially licensed & ordained as a Christian Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We congratulate you on having made it this far in your journey, and we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to not only help you succeed in this endeavor, but to also make the process as simple, painless, and enjoyable as possible.


With that being said, we here at It Ain’t Over Ministries strive for the most highly respectable level of integrity in everything we do for the Lord Jesus Christ, in all aspects of, not only our Ministry but also in our daily lives, and we expect and will settle for nothing less from you.  So, please be sure that you have taken the appropriate amount of time to consider, not only the blessings that come from ministerial ordination, but also the cost, trials, hard work, dedication, determination, and fortitude that will be required of you to not only complete this process with us, but also as you go from us into the work and vineyards that the Lord will call and send you to.  We ask this because we don’t want to waste your time, you waste our time, and because we do have a strict NO REFUND Policy, so again, please take the time to prayerfully consider this step in your walk of faith.


If you have done that, and are beyond sure that this is the path the Lord wants you to pursue, then just know that we’ll be here for you and beside you every step of the way and beyond.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you answer each and every question on the application.  Each question should have an honest answer.  NO QUESTION SHOULD BE LEFT BLANK!  If a specific question doesn’t pertain to you, then you simply need to put an “N/A” in the answer space for that question.  If you come to a question that requires a number to be entered for the answer, and the question does not pertain to you, if you can’t answer with an “N/A”, then you will need to put a zero “0”, as your answer.