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The One True Living God


God is not a man, that He should lie,

Nor a son of man, that He should repent.

Has He said, and will He not do?

Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

 – Numbers 23:19


God is not human. It’s not His desire to watch His children suffer nor perish. He is not a liar, nor is He someone who changes His mind.


Humans on the other hand tend to lie, cheat, steal, are jealous, are quick to anger, and are very indecisive. Humans, unlike God, also tend to make decisions based on their emotions. Our mind is always changing, and our unstable emotions are constantly moving up and down like a tidal wave.


Every day the nature of mankind shows why we require someone higher than ourselves. It shows why we are most definitely in need of a Savior. Without God’s sovereign rulership, laws, and principles honestly, this earth would not stand a chance. It is by the grace of God this earth still exists today.


If everyone could rebel and just do what they wanted, if everything were to be free on this earth, and if mankind were just able to have what they want when they want it, there would be no need to live. If a person has gotten away with such things, it’s only because God has allowed him to, but you best believe it won’t go unnoticed. This world is full of chaos & destruction because it has fallen but it’s because of the Kingdom of God this world is still existing.


It’s because of the Kingdom of God, the earth still rotates on its axis. The stars, sun, the moon and people all rise every day as we are ordained to because we are under the command of God, the Lord of Hosts. When God speaks, it comes to pass whether we are with him or against Him. We, His creation all obey Him. No matter what goes on, God is in control.


The fall of man can not go unpunished. When a wrong is committed someone has to pay the price and do the time. There is no difference between a person who gets caught and goes to prison for their wrong and a person who never got caught in their wrong. One person is just in prison and the other person is living life outside of prison hoping they won’t get caught. Fortunately, for us, God saves us eternally from our wrongs. We still have to face the consequences of the choices we make but spiritually we have made amends with the ruler of the universe. The one who has the keys to heaven (eternal life) and hell (eternal death). He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Redeemer. He was sent to redeem us from facing eternal damnation for the punishment of our sins.


Christ took our punishment in the deep cut wounds, scratchings, and beatings, from His own people. Out of those wounds poured a river of blood, the blood that flowed like a fresh spring of water. Just one drop of His blood and it cleanses us and washes us clean. This isn’t just a one-time thing, instead, every day we need to stop by His well and refill our bins with His holiness. The Bible says that Jesus is the Bread of Life. It equates bread to the living word of God.


I picture Jesus in the natural as a baker and every day I look forward to something new He’s baking in the kitchen. Every time I stop by just to listen to Him speak and watch Him bake He surprises me with a free basket of goodies. Not only did I leave with goodies, but I also left with a Word of Wisdom, a warning, a blessing, a fresh wave of peace, and a smile on my face ready to give what I was given to the next person, because the cycle of love must continue to live forever. Every day we need to stop by His bakery and stock up on His bread, daily.


Unlike God, the world will sit in front row seats eating popcorn and watch you suffer and burn for eternity if they had the chance. Again it’s not in His heart to watch someone suffer or perish no matter how wrong they are, or deep they are in sin, it’s not in His desire for them to spend the rest of their life in eternal damnation.


Furthermore, people are not fit to save someone because they’d rather see someone fall than pick them up.


Based on a person’s feelings they’d do everything in the world for you and within the next second, you could do something to make them angry. With their emotions being unstable, that same person who would do any and everything for you is ready to take you out within a blink of the eye.


Why?  Because their mind changes or perhaps their foundation wasn’t truly built on love. This proves we need God because He is love and His mind about us never changes. We need His Holy Spirit to dwell in us, to live and empower us with His love.


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.  – Galatians 5:22-23


Whether you’re a cheater, thieve, gossiper, slanderer, or liar.


By the way, if you steal one thing, you’re no different than someone who robbed a bank. You cheat on a test, you’re no different than someone who has cheated on their wife. You say one negative comment or gossip about someone with your best friend, you’re no different than a murderer who sneaks up on someone and stabs them in their back. You lie one time, whether it’s a half-truth or a white lie, you’re no different than someone who lies all the time. If God is gracious to your one lie He is gracious to 1,000 lies. Most importantly, if God can forgive your one sin then surely He can forgive a well-known sinner. It’s what He died for. You used to be a sinner didn’t you? Thank God for His mercy!


And if you just so happen to be the sinner, relax God loves you He doesn’t want to punish you. His very own Son, Jesus Christ took the punishment for you so that you could meet your Heavenly Father face to face with joy, love, and pure happiness. He’s very fond of you, He’s reserved a seat at the dinner table for you in Heaven and He wants to prepare you like a bride for His wedding feast. There is nothing big, small, too hard, or too deep for God to handle. His power can transform anybody He pleases, and He can save because He sent His son to die for all.


We all need someone outside of ourselves to save us or it sets us up for the trap of becoming self-righteous. There is no one on this earth righteous. If that was the case there would be no need for God because we’d be our own gods placing labels on ourselves that are far from true once we face the reality of the entrapment of sin. Sin is always running after us because it has nothing better to do, it’s lonely and needs someone to make it feel important, without us sin is nothing but death on a platter, we are the ones who give sin life.


For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

 – Romans 6:23


To break it down even further, sin has no value nor does it have life, so where there is no life…death is right around the corner. Sin has nothing to offer. It sucks the life that you’re given out of you and exchanges it with the toxins it has. It’s a constant cycle of drainage and pretty soon you find yourself and everything around you drained. Once you go where it is valuable, a place that has Life, sin is jealous and wants you to give it all your attention.


That valuable place that it’s jealous of is Jesus Christ Himself. Sin is not only jealous of Jesus but it’s afraid of Him because on the cross Jesus defeated the power of sin. That’s why sin is always found in the lowest place of the valley, in the dark because it has to hide from the light of God or else it will be revealed and sent to hell where it belongs. The Bible declares Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


While sin is death, Jesus is the Life. Sin may drain us, but when we finally choose Jesus, He brings us back to life and restores everything that sin stole from us. That may require us to be healed and to be delivered from everything in our past life all the way back to our mother’s womb. Sin leaves us empty and void but the blood of Jesus completes us, makes us whole, and lacking no good thing. I can go on about sin but let’s continue.


If we were to take on the title of God, we’d find ourselves every day trying to work hard to fix our mistakes, sins, and problems on our own without the help of supernatural intervention. We’d constantly set ourselves up for failure, working hard for something that will forever happen as long as we’d be on this earth. Because what God did in one man (Jesus Christ) we couldn’t do even if the whole world united together. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! It would take an eternity for us to become perfect and mortal human beings can’t live for that long. Jesus is the only proof of perfection, the spotless and sinless Lamb, Who was sent to die on the cross of our sins so that we can accept His sacrifice and be forgiven of our sins, no longer having to work for perfection because everyday Christ perfects us. The work is done, we just have to simply receive it by faith and know that we are loved because Christ loves us enough to die for us. From there we are to daily follow Him. Visit His ‘bakery shop’ or the Word for our daily bread and leave with a basket full of love.


I once heard that, “many men wanted to be god, but only one God became man”.


It was so that we can look up to Him and be saved. He sent His Son as living proof that God existed, still exists and there is none like Him. God is not a human, He’s far from one, but He became human for us.


He became human so that we could walk with Him, talk with Him, be healed by Him, be delivered by Him, be forgiven by Him, and the best of all, live with Him in this life and the life to come.


The one true living God wants nothing more but to have a relationship with us and there is nothing in this world and the sin it produces to stop God from saving His people. His love is inseparable.


For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 8:38-39



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