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The Mysteries of Jesus


We do not see God, but He has given us the capability of hearing His voice. That is what makes Him real, something the world will never come to know. Sometimes our minds are so insignificant compared to how big God is and we fall into the trap of believing that He is His creation. It’s extremely easy to idolize the bible as our God, or nature and the natural world we live in, instead of God Himself. We study to know the Word (the Bible) and that becomes a lot of head knowledge but we’re never able to come to know who God is in our everyday lives and what He’s trying to express to us in the present day or in the future because we lean too much on our own understanding. We trust in more of our head knowledge of knowing scripture than Him and sometimes that itself can set us up for pride because we believe we know more than someone who can only remember one or two verses of Scripture.


The Bible has been written and summarized by men before our time. The bible is not God, but it is God speaking through many authors to write the Bible. It has caught the most amazing conversations, miracles, stories, and events recorded since the beginning of time before time even existed. We ask “how someone could know what happened in the beginning”, but it is easy…


God spoke.


It may be hard to come by for some people because of our carnal mind but put it this way:

  • If you can hear your own thoughts,
  • If you can hear someone speaking to you,
  • If you can hear negative voices in your mind that you know is something you’d never tell yourself,
  • If you can hear the silence in the room when it’s quite;


Then it’s possible you can hear the voice of God. Anything is possible with God.


To hear the voice of God, it takes the spirit of God to bring His Word to life. And you can only find His Word in the Bible. From there you will know what His voice sounds like outside of the Bible because God is much bigger than the Bible. He is alive today and is speaking every second of the day even when He is quiet. You will eventually be led to know when and who He is speaking through in people you meet, blogs you read, videos you watch, signs you see etc… daily. Other times He will send His prophets to warn you of something and to give your life to Him.


When Jesus died, the only reason He was able to rise from the dead was because God’s spirit brought Him to life. The Bible clearly states that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. It also says in John, that the Word became flesh. To piece two and two together the Word itself was Jesus because He was the only One to be born of a virgin supernaturally into this world as a human. Meaning that the seed of the Word was placed into Mary by God and was birth into a newborn baby who was known to be the Savior of the world. Something that could only be done by the power of God!


The Word is Jesus Christ manifested in the flesh not the Bible. Jesus existed before the Bible and the Bible exists to keep a testimonial of God, the very words that are spoken to save, lead, and guide the world to life.  So, before Jesus was a human walking on earth, He was in Heaven on the throne next to His father which existed before the universe. For He is the beginning and the end.


 In heaven, or God’s home, God is His real form. Something we cannot see because He is outside of the natural (universe) and in a realm called the supernatural. When He descended from Heaven and came upon this earth to bring life into it, He came as a spirit. So, to us He is invisible, we cannot see Him unless He makes Himself known and God does not plan on doing that until we are in the new Heavens to meet Him face to face. Although Jesus was not the first man, He was here before time began. Reading the bible allows you to almost solve a mystery and put the pieces together to discover the mysteries that are hidden in plain sight.


In the beginning before earth was created, God spoke to create this world. He saw that the earth needed light and spoke the words ‘let there be light’ and sure enough there was light. Only because God spoke, the light obeyed His delightful command. He brought light into this world simply by speaking. The words He was speaking was through Christ Himself. It is God who gave the Word power to come to life. God spoke life into the Word and the word came to pass. Without the word there would not have been light, without the power of God being spoke into the earth it would have stayed full of darkness.


That Word eventually manifested into Jesus Christ Himself on earth so that we could see His human form. God made Himself visible through Jesus Christ who is The Word that the world was created through. He came to give it life, the life that fell away after Adam, the first man, committed sin. No one knew Jesus because they did not know the Father and today no one knows the Father because they do not know Jesus. They are both in the same, one person called the Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. They are all God. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.


Outside of the living word of God no one can come to know Him. If the world knew God they would know His plan to save this world from the chaos that it is in, the plan of salvation. The only way to come to know God and His plan to save this world is to read His word, and there they would come to discover Jesus Christ, the Savior of this world. The world does not know God because they haven’t come to know the One He sent to save them.


Until the world, or even you and I, hear His voice for ourselves, we will never know what it’s like to have a Father as golden as He is. The Father who sacrificed His own Son so that we can have the privilege of calling the King of this universe Father as well. The Father who is the Creator of this world, The God of the heavens and earth, and the Supreme ruler of the universe wants direct, VIP access to us, and a personal relationship. That can only happen if you can accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and that He died specifically for you on that cross. It can only happen if you give up the control, let go of the pride, and realize that you are a sinner who will never be perfect. It can only happen if you go to the cross and confess to God that you are a broken lost son in need of His love because God is love. All it takes is having faith in the One, God sent to save your soul, and that is Jesus Christ.



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