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The Messiah who bore the sins of the world


For no one living is righteous before you

Psalm 143:2


Jesus came to this earth and grew up quietly, or in a humble way.

As a child He remained hidden from the world and as He grew, everyone overlooked Him.

It wasn’t His outside appearance that caught the eye of people.

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him,

Nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him”

Isaiah 53:2


Jesus was despised.


They looked down on Him with contempt. They had a lack of respect for Jesus, and they saw him as worthless.


To respect Him means to look up to Him or hold in high esteem.


To the people Jesus didn’t fit their worldly standards He was different and because He stood out they felt as though he was easy to pick on and looked down on him because His appearance wasn’t like the others. In reality, Jesus should be looked up to because He is the only perfect one. When we look up to humans all the time they will eventually fall short of the glory and fail us every time. Fortunately, Christ has never fallen short of the glory of God. He is the only Righteous One we are to follow. He is always accurate, everything He speaks is truth, and will never lead us astray.



As sinners, mankind looked down upon Jesus. They had no respect for Him. They put Him in the category of themselves and held Him in low esteem.


There was something about Jesus outside of His looks and appearance that caught the attention of mankind.


And because of that, He was rejected by mankind, He was a man of suffering, and He was very familiar with pain. ~ Isaiah 53:3


Jesus was sinless and still experienced pain from others. He was a man who suffered in silence. He went through the feelings of rejection, abandonment, loneliness, anxiety and depression all while taking the pain of us as sinners. He bore our suffering, taking on our sins as His own so that we can be forgiven for them.


Because of His suffering, His appearance, and His lack of money, status, a house, or anything materialistic many considered him punished by God.


  • To the world He was the sinner,
  •  but to God He was the saint.
  • To the world they thought they were doing a good thing by punishing Him for Gods sake,
  • but to God Jesus was being punished for our sake.


There was no evidence Jesus did anything wrong or evil. There was no lie or deceit found in His mouth, but yet He was punished, tormented, beat, and bruised.


He committed no sin but yet He received the penalty for your sin. He was pierced at His sides with a spear for your sins, for disobeying Gods law. He was crushed for your wickedness. His death brought us peace, the death we were supposed to receive as a punishment for disobedience.


The wounds on His back leaked the blood you need in order to be healed. Like a sheep we’ve gone astray into the world we turned our own way. Into a world who cared more about what you looked like than how you feel.



Every time I committed a sin I beat Christ with a whip

The same whip that imposed a wound that heals me

I beat Christ and in returned he heals me…wow!

I left Christ and in returned He stays for me.

I killed Christ and in returned He saved me.



He stayed silent. In His life here on this earth He was oppressed or treated unfairly especially because of His close relationship with Father God. He was burdened with the sins of us all. He carried the guilt and shame the sins brought us. He took away the heaviness of the world so that we can be free and no longer full of sin. He was oppressed so that we can have undeserving favor. He was treated harshly so that we can be made right.



We took advantage of His power that He freely gave. He was afflicted. He was in trouble and in pain for a long time yet stayed silent. He was a spotless lamb being carried to be slaughtered by His own people. ~ Isaiah 53:7


He didn’t turn back, He didn’t give up, and He wasn’t afraid of what man was going to do to Him because He was with the Father. He knew it had to be done. He knew how much God loved His people and He sacrificed Himself when He had the power to stay on the throne in Heaven, but He loved it so much He died for it. He carried the pain of the world, the sins of the world so that they can reconcile back to the Father. He walked with pain, sorrow, and agony but he didn’t say a word.



He was misunderstood by those who called Him a liar. He showed true love by forgiving sins, healing the sick, and setting the captives free. Delivering the oppressed and possessed. He let go of the past and did a new thing. People refused to believe His sayings and teaching because His outside appearance didn’t fit they’re worldly standards. They couldn’t believe that God called someone like Jesus to be the king because He wasn’t demanding, controlling, or manipulative like a person in high authority.



There was nothing confusing about Jesus He was always straightforward and truthful but because He didn’t look like He had power they refused to believe he had any power.



Nowadays all it takes is a man to have outside strength, muscles and tattoos for a guy to get respect because he “looks” the part, but that same man can get his feelings hurt by a 5’3 120 pound woman telling the truth.



All it takes for a woman to get attention is showing off her curves and nudity but those same women pull guys who treat them like objects and see them as a piece of eye candy to have in public so more women can be attracted to them.



Worldly standards and looking the part can be very deceptive because no one is paying attention to the heart, soul, and mind the key opponents that make a person who they truly are.



While mans’ power were in their words

Jesus power was in His actions


While mans’ power were in their appearance

His power was in His heart


While mans’ power were in their status quo, or how many followers they had worshipping them

His power was in the cross and giving God the glory



His outside wasn’t appealing to the world but His inside was pure as gold. His looks didn’t attract His followers. His character, mindset, attributes, heart, wisdom, and His light is what attracted the darkness to Him. Whether they were haters or lovers, followers or stalkers they couldn’t stay away from Him because He was the simple man who came to carry the sins and burdens of the world. The Messiah who still lives today.



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  1. Good word, it’s heart breaking to think about the torture Jesus went through. His love was great then and still is today. His love endures forever. I am beyond thankful for the way of escape that was provided for you and I.