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The Caregiver


All God wants is your soul because He knows how precious and valuable it is otherwise He would not have died an innocent death for you. He cares for you more than you care for you, He knows everything you need and He has a plan for you. Your life isn’t meaningless and you aren’t worthless, you are valuable to God and we must humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge Him as the Holy one, King of kings, and Lord of lords who gave us His free sacrificial love as a gift to save our souls from perishing in hell.



One moment with God can change your whole life for the good when you have met him up close and for yourself.



It is like staring at a kid who looks a certain way in the corner of the lunchroom by themselves and witnessing the whole school make fun of him for his looks but never ever got a chance to get to know him. Despite the crowd always picking at him and spreading rumors you finally decided to approach him and from there you two grow to be the closest best friends. That is what it is like with God.  The only difference is you and I might fall apart if the whole school were to make fun of us, but God… He’s unphased by the world’s snarky comments and judgments.



The entire world is making fun of Him, scared of Him, questioning & mocking Him, thinking He is too good to be true to let a sinner like us into His presence until you get to know Him for yourself. When you get to know Him, you understand why the world has nothing better to do but to talk about God and make fun of Jesus while their life on the outside is “going great”. They’re living lavish, luxurious, rich but God sees that they’re life is in shambles on the inside, and how much they’re in need of Him. Many people unfortunately will never come to know who God sent because they’re looking for a reaction or attention, it is never for help or change. God is holding the blessing in His hand, but people continue to search outside of Him for it, forever denying the Truth. Some may say they don’t need God to take care of them because everything in front of them is good, but it could all be gone tomorrow and they wouldn’t know who to call on.



At the core of the world’s soul, they want someone to love them, feed and give them what they need but they look past God who freely gave His love, the Truth, and go right to the enemy or world’s opinion who is always selling something because of the carnal mindset ‘that nothing is ever free.’  Because in this world to be heard, seen, or understood you must do something that will cost you your life.  When Christ already paid the price for us and has given us the chance to be free even in a debased world such as this. He’s given us the power to call God our Father and to talk to Him, to hear Him, walk with Him and love Him according to His Spirit.



Don’t be like the world come close to Him because He wants you. He wouldn’t have went through death just to get your attention. He’s calling out and reaching for you because He adores you and wants you to adore Him too. He’s the answer to all your problems. There’s nothing too big for God to fix. He wants to repair your broken pieces and give you a new body because with Him in a world full of death He can bring you back to life.



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  1. Amen, great word. This is something all people need to hear. I am so thankful we have a God so faithful