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We’re not here to not make mistakes. We’re here to learn from our mistakes. They give us an opportunity to build our character, to prepare us for the next time. And if not next time then later on in the future.


We’re not here to stop sinning. We’re not here to be perfect. We’re here to be set apart, which doesn’t mean sinless. It means you trust God enough to confess your sins and receive His righteousness. If you have a sinning problem, you have to be patient with yourself just like God is patient with you. A lot of us desire to be perfect by tomorrow or immediately when we get saved but we don’t come into that reality. That it takes time. You weren’t born into this world yesterday, but you were born into a Kingdom where God knows your beginning and your end. He already wrote your story before you got saved. He knows your past and your future. He is the author and the finisher of your faith before you even put your faith in Him to save you.


When we get saved, we have holes, gaps, scars and wounds that need to be healed but they don’t get healed over night. Yes, God is a healer, but He isn’t a quick fix. He isn’t DoorDash ready to deliver everything you ordered at your doorsteps. He isn’t Little Caesars ‘Hot and Ready’. He is God. He is the creator of the universe. He is the savior of the world. He knows us because He made us, and He created us. He is in control.


As you walk with Him, you’ll realize that He’s slowly peeling off the layers of sin that attached itself to you. It’s like digging through the dirt and finding the diamond in the rough. To Him you’re valuable more precious than silver and gold. He sees you hurting and does everything to make it right. He knows your pain and your struggles. He’s not an Advil, He’s not a red pill or blue pill. He’s there to comfort you and to strengthen you because this life is full of surprises, upsets, hurts, pains, joys, triumphs and victories.


The pain isn’t there to harden you or make you callous, it’s to rely on Him, cry in His presence, acknowledge how you feel, and confess your frustration. A time to be vulnerable, expressive, and humble before the Lord to acknowledge Him as our Father. He is our caregiver, our protector, our rock, and our shield.


This life has nothing to do with our losses, failures or mistakes but has everything to do with Him, His wins, His victories, and His perfection. It’s about who He is even when we’re down, when we’ve failed, or fallen short. It was never meant for us to look at ourselves and focus on the losses, but to bring the losses to Him and gain Christ.


For He is the perfect One and there is none righteous like Him. It is Him we are to look up to. It is Him we are supposed to follow. He is the leader, and we’re the followers. He is the Shepherd and we’re the sheep. He is the King and we’re all His Kingdom citizens. He is the High Priest, and we are His Church. He is the head, and we are His Body. He is the Father, and we are His children. Most importantly, He is the Creator, and we are the creation.


His perfection makes us perfect in His sight. He covered us in His righteousness so that we didn’t have to work for His perfection.


We are able to be still and know that He is God. Enjoy His presence, and rest in His unconditional love knowing that nothing will never separate us from His love through Christ Jesus.


He completes us.


He is God, and we are humans.


He is immortal and we are mortal.


He is divine and we are earthly.


He is perfect, and we are imperfect.



2 Responses

  1. Indeed, if we waited until we were perfect to serve the Lord, we wouldn’t get anything done on this side of eternity. I am glad that God works on us and that He gives us insights into changes we need to make in order to grow in Him and to overcome our tendency to sin.