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In movies and TV Shows, “familiar spirits” are often referred to as people that were turned into animals and serve as an aid for a witch or warlock. In the movie, “Maleficent” there was a crow turned man that could switch between the 2 forms to be of use to the witch. In “Hocus Pocus,” there was a boy turned into a cat. These kinds of familiars (imps) are usually animals in some aspect and assist in sorcery. A black cat seemed to be the most popular choice and in the movie, “Constantine” the eyes of a cat were linked to a portal to hell.


This is also where an “alter ego” comes from, manifesting into other personalities, and sometimes animalistic behavior. Necromancy is most commonly associated with familiar spirits and involves raising the dead (zombies) or communication with the departed. These familiars helped with these practices by playing the role of messengers or spies to give the witch intel to aid in the dark arts.



Necromancy was a Canaanite practice according to the book of Deuteronomy. In 1 Samuel 28:5-14 King Sauls consults with a medium in an attempt to contact Samuel beyond the grave because he is afraid of the might of the Phillistine armies — “When Saul saw the army of the Philistines, he was afraid, and his heart trembled greatly. And when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by the prophets. Then Saul said to his servants, ‘Find me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her.’ And his servants said to him, ‘In fact, there is a woman  who is a medium at En Dor.’ So Saul disguised himself and put on other clothes, and he went, and two men with him; and they came to the woman by night. And he said, ‘Please conduct a séance for me, and bring up for me the one I shall name to you.’ Then the woman said to him, ‘Look, you know what Saul has done, how he has cut off the mediums and the spiritists from the land. Why then do you lay a snare for my life, to cause me to die?’ And Saul swore to her by the Lord, saying, ‘As the Lord lives, no punishment shall come upon you for this thing.’ Then the woman said, ‘Who shall I bring up for you?’ And he said, ‘Bring up Samuel for me.’ When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice. And the woman spoke to Saul, saying, ‘Why have you deceived me? For you are Saul!’ And the king said to her, ‘Do not be afraid. What did you see?’ And the woman said to Saul, ‘I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.’ So he said to her, ‘What is his form?’ And she said, ‘An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.’ And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down.”



Later it was revealed by Samuel that the Lord had turned from Saul because King Saul had disobeyed God and did not repent. Saul not only refused to listen to a command from God, but he also sought out a witch, swore protection over her in the Lord’s Name, bowed to another man, and surrendered to the Spirit of Fear in him, he even broke bread with the wicked. Because of the cowardly actions, he had his kingdom taken from him and ordained to David, and Israel would fall to the Phillistine army. King Saul and his sons would die for what had been done.


In Leviticus 20:6 the Lord warned Moses — “’And the person who turns to mediums and familiar spirits, to prostitute himself with them, I will set My face against that person, and cut him off from his people.’” There are indeed very harsh consequences for getting involved in these practices. Yoga, false prophecy, passivity of the mind, “peeping and muttering,” spirit guides, Ouija boards and “alter-egos” are all associated with this type of spirit.


Yoga was intended to be a spiritual discipline of the body and mind, and involves passivity of the mind which is opening the mind up to bring enlightenment and control of the body of mind, many believe it to just be exercise and peaceful meditation but the poses themselves are tributes to Hindu gods. In fact, there are 8 gods/goddesses involved in this practice: Brahma (universal mind and intellect), Vishnu (justice and moral order), Shiva (protector/destroyer), Kali (death/time), Lakshmi (prosperity/fertility), Saraswati (knowledge and arts), Ganesha (success/wealth), and Hanuman (faith/devotion). Yoga also involves the study of chakras and impartation of mock (demon) spirits through chanting of mantras. This would also tie into “peeping and muttering” and the concept of alter-egos.


Avoid all foolish concepts of “Christian Yoga,” and always “test the spirits” if someone claims to be a prophet of the Lord. Never seek out fortune-tellers or mediums or any kind of witch. If you have as a Christian, be sure to repent, and remember that repentance is not just confession and asking for forgiveness for your actions, but it is a change. Abstain from doing the action and educate others on the dangers and risks of involvement with these things so clearly defined in the Bible but do so with a “spirit of gentleness.” There are so many New Age concepts being introduced into Christianity today, keep your Armor of God up, and pray for guidance from the Lord.




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