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All Hell Breaks Loose


Once you decide to change all hell breaks loose. Once your mind is made up heaven is full of joy. Once you’re tired of doing the same thing every day, people start to all of a sudden change on you. The same clubs, the same events, the same parties, same thing nothing new. Everyday it’s the same. Everyday you’re putting up this façade. You’re always smiling. You’re the goofy one of the group. You’re the smart one who hides behind a 1.0 gpa. You’re the one people bullies for not having what they have. You’re the one who is an outcast. You never fit in, but you stayed anyways and someway, somehow stuck out like a sore thumb.


Once you decide to go to college, others will give you many reasons not to. Once you decide to start a business others will make you feel like it’s impossible to succeed. Once you decide to move, others will make you feel like you can’t live without them. Once you decide to heal, your past starts to creep up. Others will remind you of your broken scars, your destructive behaviors, your shortcomings. Once you make the decision to turn right everyone is going left.


But you’re different. You weren’t meant to do what everyone is doing. You weren’t created to follow what others are telling you to do. You are a person who has been given a right to make choices for yourself and when you choose the right decision people will make you feel as though you’re wrong for wanting to do right. They’ll let you make the wrong decision while also telling you you’re nothing, you’re worthless, or you have no value. They’ll keep you down just so they don’t have to see you up. As long as you’re down there where they are at, everything is okay but once you decide to come out of the darkness all hell breaks loose. Everyone wants to hide in the dark, but no one wants to live in the light.


Those who choose the light are told to stay in the dark because that’s where it’s comfortable:

“That’s where I know you from.”

“That’s where we grew up at”.

“That’s where you were telling me all of your business.”

“That’s where you were letting me manipulate you and control you.”

“That’s where you stayed silent about the things you let me do to you.”


But once you make that decision to change all hell breaks loose. Once you decide to change your mindset, rewire your thinking, come into the knowledge of the truth, people will start to keep you bound to the you who was gullible. The you who was stupid or foolish. The you who let anybody spit game. The you who ran the streets. They’ll pursue you to keep you there because some just don’t want to see you changed. They don’t want to see you better than them. Their mind can’t process you becoming a new person. They can only see the you they see now, and not the changed you in 10 years. Some just don’t want to lose you or grow apart from you because they genuinely love you. Some like the you who only pleased them or made them look or feel better. Some only stuck around because they felt as though they looked better than you. But once you decide to change all hell breaks loose.


You decide that enough is enough, the chains are too much for you to handle. The same lifestyle is getting tiring. The depression is keeping you bound to wearing a fake smile. The anxiety you’re facing is because you’re afraid of people finding out the true you. Your emotions are buried underneath the trauma, constantly getting pushed down by a drink or a blunt. No one understands you; no one makes you feel loved no matter how much you give your body away.


Relationship after relationship but its still not enough. Party after party but it’s still not enough. Drink after drink but it’s still not enough. You’re running away from yourself chasing who people want you to be.


You’re at a point where you lost yourself and that’s exactly where God wants you. You don’t know you anymore, but God does. He knew you before you were born. To lose yourself is to gain a life God has for you to live. A life full of abundance, holiness, pure love, prosperity, grace, and forgiveness. A life worth living for, a life worth fighting for. Once you receive the life God has for you, you’ll find yourself protecting your peace, your heart, your mind, your sanity, and your soul.

Once you get on your knees and pray,

Once you read His Word for yourself,

Once you search the scriptures for yourself,

Once you call out to God Himself,

Once you confess that you can’t do it on your own,

Once you confess all your wrongs,

Best believe all hell is breaking loose.


One moment with Him will rock your whole world. That smile on His face when He hears you call His name. His heart is pounding for you, longing to have you in His presence. Ready for you to cast all your cares and anxiety on Him, your anger, your hatred, your frustration on Him because He can handle it. The world can’t handle a mad black woman, but God can. The world can’t handle a man’s true feelings but oh how God can. He’ll take a lot of it and give you a new life in return. He’ll restore everything you’ve lost. He was patient with you coming to Him and He just wants you to be patient with Him working in and through you. You’re choosing to be with Him for a lifetime, an eternity, and He wants to show up and show out for you. When you decide to give Him your decision to change, He will change you, and that takes time.


It’s time to turn to the One who has the key to unlock your chains. Come into agreement with the One who desperately waited for you to notice Him calling out to you. He never stopped calling you. He never stopped thinking about you. He saw you and chose you before you were ever thought of. He made a plan for you, He set a straight path for you to follow. He desires to bless you.


Once you make up in your mind that you want what He wants for you, all hell will break loose!


2 Responses

  1. Amen! Good word, but even though all Hell will break loose in your life when you make the decision to do right according to the Word of God, DO IT ANYWAYS AND DON’T BACK DOWN! :).

  2. Amen. Been through that. People will try to drag you back down. And even when they finally leave you alone, the demons won’t, nor will your flesh. We fight hell every day, but in Christ we can live in victory.