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2022 Look Back and Hope for 2023

Well, it’s 2023. I think we should all pat ourselves on the back and thank God for helping us survive another year. Has 2022 been easy? It depends on the individual. I know many people have lost loved ones and went through all sorts of personal turmoil. Have there been blessings? I hope so for everyone.

We have witnessed many historic moments.[1] For example[2],

  • Russia invading the Ukraine in Feb 2022 was a big one that forever changed countless lives as countries welcomed refugees into their homes. I know my area has a huge Ukrainian population and the community has come together to help these poor dear people make a new home here.
  • There have been earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods that have devastated countless peoples lives and property.
  • One June 24, 2022-The US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade- thus causing many US states to ban abortion in their jurisdiction. (As a reader, you can decide if this is a good or bad thing. As a writer I plead the fifth on it.)
  • Many celebrities also passed away such as Pope Benedict XVI, Barbara Walters, Kirstie Alley, Leslie Jordan, Robbie Coltrane, Angela Lansbury, Olivia Newton-John, Bob Saget, and one of my personal favorites, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022. I watched that funeral while doing my work, but I digress.
  • There have been countless protests in hopes of making people aware of the injustices of this world with the hope that things will improve.
  • We survived another year of covid.
  • Inflation has returned which is causing families difficulties to feed their families, pay for medical care, pay for rent and more.


Throughout these events plus countless others not listed such as the Quebec Provincial Election in October 2022 whose effects will be seen for years to come, we have seen people come together to help those in need. We mourned for loved ones, yelled at TV screens when players in our favorite sports teams made bad moves and wondered what some politicians were drinking when some policies and laws were created. For example, I live in Canada and the government is wanting to expand who has access to euthanasia, a debate best left for another discussion, but one gets the idea.

Somehow as a city, province, state, country, and world, we have survived 2022 and look forward to what 2023 will bring. I hope the war in Ukraine will end as well as other wars not listed but equally important. I wish good health for everyone. I hope this crazy pandemic will end. Enough is enough! I’m still dealing with the aftermath of covid #1 and of course had it a second time too six months later. I hope this inflation will decrease because everything is getting so darned expensive.

I personally hope the Canadian dollar will rise so that I can some day soon meet in person my fellow bloggers that are in the USA. They are an amazing gang of talented writers and loving, God following Christians.  It is such a privilege to call them friends. That was one of my personal blessings in 2022, to join this wonderful team. For purely selfish reasons, as a doll collector, it is getting too expensive to import the Soft Cabbage patch kids from the 80’s from the USA because the dollar is low, and shipping is ridiculously expensive. They are impossible to find in Canada. It costs the same amount to ship a Department 56 item such as two small sledders as something like a 6-inch box as a 22-inch soft sculpture doll or even plastic cabbage patch doll. A hint: If ever sending anything to Canada, please don’t use UPS. They can place high brokerage fees even on items that are gifts. I recently had to pay $57 CAD on a soft sculpture cabbage patch whose net worth was $130 and yet same type of doll my friend paid $20 CAD on a doll that had a net worth of $200 CAD, and it was sent by USPS. I restore cabbage patch dolls as a stress reliever and hope to one day open a doll hospital to restore unwanted toys and give those back to local charities to help the community.

As we look at what we have survived, it is also important to look forward into the year that is beginning. The famous Canadian fictitious character Anne Shirley once said: “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” – Anne Shirley (pg. 245)[3] Tomorrow is a new day and the day after that and so on, so forth. Tomorrow brings us hope. For Jeremiah 29:11 states:

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope”[4]

As we look forward to countless new tomorrows, starting a new year gives us time to reflect on what we can improve in our lives for the upcoming year. In Donna Ashworth’s New Year’s Instagram post[5], she talks about taking care of one’s body and I will also add one’s spiritual health. She writes:

“And I say a new year should start with promises to be kinder to ourselves, to understand better just how much we bear, as humans on this exhausting treadmill of life. And if we are to promise more, let’s pledge to rest, before our bodies force us.”[6]

The idea is to be kind to ourselves. Perhaps for some it requires setting up boundaries towards negative people regardless of who they are? Maybe for others it is time to start taking better care of themselves? Perhaps getting more exercise, changing one’s eating habits etc.? Maybe reducing alcohol or other substance abuse is on this year’s list? Changing jobs, apartments, or even relationships. Find more time to do things one likes or even learn a new hobby. The possibilities are endless and individual. The most important thing is to take baby steps and don’t be too hard on oneself if either the changes aren’t made, if mistakes happen, or if it takes a while. Rome wasn’t built in a day; everything takes time. The lines…

“To understand better just how much we bear,

as humans on this exhausting treadmill of life”[7]

Perhaps some need to make a careful examination of how much they are taking on, whether it is extra responsibilities, extra work, and so forth. The idea is to learn if there is anything that is causing one stress and exhaustion. If it is too much, find a way to reduce it.

“And if we are to promise more, let’s pledge to rest, before our bodies force us.”[8]

Perhaps one needs to slow down, reduce the work or volunteer hours. If our bodies get too tired, it can lead to burnout, illness and more, which is why it is important to listen to the signs before its too late. Getting sick or suffering from a burnout is never fun (talking from personal experience) and so we need to take care of ourselves which also includes seeing the doctor annually or as needed.

As Christians we are also called to take care of our spiritual health. This might involve avoiding toxic atmospheres, groups of people and/or family members who put one through unnecessary stress. Switching jobs and making other major life adjustments such as going to the gym and other personal changes or even deciding to seek professional help such as seeing a counsellor or psychologist to help with personal problems is a good thing.

Reading one’s Bible is a good way to feed the soul. This is something I seriously need to improve. Since my burnout in 2015 from completing a master’s degree in Theological studies, it’s been a challenge to read it as much as I should. If one’s Bible doesn’t speak to them, consider switching to a version that does speak to one. My personal favorites are the NRSV and New King James Version.

Here is a link on how to begin studying the Bible:

How to study the Bible for beginners:

Going to church regularly is another. If the church one attends, doesn’t work, Google churches in your area and visit them until the right one speaks to you. These days many churches have online services. These aren’t as good as being there, but as someone who attended online services for months due to lockdowns during the first wave and I forget which wave of the pandemic (churches were closed at one point in my area because of health concerns) plus other reasons, they are second best. Enclosed is a link to finding a solid church.


How do I find a good church (Article 1):

How do I find a good church (Article2):

I’ve found attending weekly prayer and fellowship meetings are also very helpful. The list is truly endless, but I have touched upon the major ones.

As we move forward in this year, please listen to the song in the enclosed link. Thanks to one of my fellow bloggers and an amazing friend for mentioning it at our Tuesday meeting. The song is called “Basics of Life” by 4Him.

As you listen to it, please remember what Romans 15:13 states:

“13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”[9]

And Philippians 4:13 states: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”[10]

I hope you have a blessed year everyone. We’ve got this.











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