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The Enemy of Jealousy


The devil has made this world his home. He has established himself as the ruler of this world, prince of the air or the god of this world. The devil knows he is destined for hell, or the second death, because he sinned against God. God cast him out of heaven, so he knows he has but a short time to live. Jesus states that he witnessed the devil fell like lightning from heaven.


Because he was able to deceive Adam and Eve to sin, in his mind he sees that as Adam and Eve proving to him that he has power and it worked. He believes he has authority over this world. In order for Satan’s kingdom to thrive, he has to trick people into worshipping him. The same way he sinned against God is the same way he’s getting people to sin against God, and follow after him so his kingdom can last.


If everyone was to follow after Jesus today and accept his salvation, the devil and his kingdom would be destroyed and he would be in hell right now. The devil needs to feed off the attention of man, the light of men, the praises and applause of man, and he needs the approval of man in order to exist and he gets that by tricking people into worshipping him. He does that by deceiving people into thinking he doesn’t exist. He offers people the same thing that led him to his fall. The devil chose to be worshipped instead of worshipping God. He chose his own kingdom, instead of God’s kingdom. He had front row tickets to heaven but he chose the front row seat to hell. He traded his birthright for the praise of men.


He deceives many of us in that way. He offers us opportunities to be put in the spotlight. Where people will worship us, give us applause, follow after us all for a comment, like, and a share or money, fame, and power.


“I’m here for a good time, not a long time”


If you know the devil you know that’s something he would say. He’s not here forever, eventually this earth will come to an end and he wont have anywhere else to go except to the place he was destined to be, Hell.


And he’s trying his best to drag as many people as he can with him. One way is seeing the people who God has blessed with talents, music being one of them and using them for his kingdom. Satan was a musician in the kingdom of God so he knows a lot about music and what people will love to listen to, what beats sound good and what lyrics sound more appetizing to the flesh. So he takes artists who were created to serve God with their talents and offer them less than what God can give them. Satan promises them alcohol and drugs, women, strippers, money, stages and platforms, crowds, one hit records, and most importantly they will be known and worshipped, praised, approved and applauded by men…famous. I mean who doesn’t want to be famous? The thought of being a rich and well known celebrity is something many of us as kids desired. And it’s one way the devil uses our desires, visions and dreams against us. He preys on our vulnerability and it starts at a young age for many of us.


The devil offers what sounds good to people in exchange for entrance to their soul, in exchange for their body to be used to bring more and more people to hell with him. The place where only him and his demons deserve to live.


The worst part about it is, he deceived some people that God agrees with their gifts being used to promote sin. That God has blessed them to get to the top for having a sinful lifestyle. That God has placed them on top of the world to be worshipped and praised by men.


Why would God place us in a position to get all the attention, when it was him who placed those very things in us to be seen by men. God isn’t worried about the top, he’s worried about his people.


The devil grasps ahold of people who start out as children. As a little child, they’re innocent. They’re not really aware of what’s wrong or right. It’s been installed in them but they’re not aware of who God is and how God has developed us. The devil knows God has placed something on the inside of a child before it’s born. Gifts, talents, skills, spiritual gifts, greatness. And he makes it his job to know what it is. So he tries his best to take over that child’s mind to get the child to follow him. He makes it his mission to destroy the child before it’s even born, or old enough to process things. He sends people into the child’s life to abuse it or harm it to prevent the child from knowing who they really are in God and to prevent the child from knowing their identity.


We all start out as children ignorant to what’s going on, innocent of even the wrong we’ve committed. It’s when we get to an age where we know right from wrong we then choose who we will follow. It’s then when we are taught right from wrong we get to choose between the devil or God’s way. Even still, God is merciful.


And there are a lot of people, including myself who are still ignorant to the devil’s devices. They think God is with them in their wrongdoing, their evil ways, they’re self worship all because of the devil’s deception he put among men.


The devil needs light in order to continue to live. He is full of darkness, everything in him is dark. There’s no light in his kingdom. So he deceived people who were born of God, who has light within them whether a little light or a bright light. He uses those people for his kingdoms because demons need a body to function in. We open ourselves up to the devil by focusing on self, being prideful, committing sin, wanting fame, power and money more than we desire God  because that’s who he is. Those things are of the devil so of course it’s going to attract demons.


He uses artists to display what his kingdom is like. A place full of darkness where he’s here to have a good time but not for a long time. The party lights, the led lights, the drink cups, the strippers,prostitutes, the gamblers, the drug dealers, the gun shooters, robbers, killers, thieves, singers and rappers singing/rapping about sex, money…that’s satans kingdom. It’s already been established on this earth. That’s it. After that, they return to dust where no one will remember them. Yea their products will still be on display but it was never their true self. The music awards, the music videos, the news or tea found on them was never truly who they were born to be. It’s what they sold but it wasn’t who they are. And there’s a lot of them right now praying and crying out to the Lord to save them because they know what they’re doing is wrong. They’re depressed, they’re tired of doing the same thing over and over. People are all around them but they feel like lone wolves. They feel misunderstood because they’re presenting themselves one way for applause because that’s what mankind likes to hear or see but they’re a whole another way at their root core.  They’re put on a pedestal so high that as soon as they make one wrong move, they’re canceled. And all it takes for them to sell sex, drug, money again and they’re approved of once again. A lot of them are questioning God asking why me but it was never a lifestyle wanted for them. It was never God’s will for that person’s life. They’re praying and asking for forgiveness but they don’t want to put in the work to change. They don’t want to do what it takes to follow him. They don’t want to open up their Bible. They don’t want to give up what they’ve known to be true they’re entire lives. The world that didn’t do anything good for them except sell them sex, money, fame, and drugs. They didn’t want to unlearn what the devil sold to them. They are choosing to carry the world that Jesus died to carry.


If everyone was to shut down the party in the devil’s kingdom and return home to our Creator, Father God or Abba. The devil would be a nobody, deserving of hell. The party lights, the concert stages, the big crowds, the money falling out the sky wouldn’t exist any more. His kingdom would be back to darkness. His kingdom would be empty and he would be lonely even though his demons are all around him giving him praise. If the artists, celebrities, the careless and rebellious were to wake up and see that the devil has given them his spot in hell for the fun they’re experiencing on earth the devil and his kingdom would be canceled and everybody would win.


God promised us life forever and forever more, two lives. The one on earth and the one in heaven. He blesses us to have fun here on earth and in heaven.


There’s plenty of things we can do without getting drunk, smoking, stealing, robbing, killing, sleeping around. It’s called having peace, knowing your worth, being loved, setting boundaries, having goals and dreams, living life Yahweh’s way. You can’t have peace and sleep with demons. You can’t mix light with darkness. The little bit of peace and happiness comes from the world praising them, lifting them up, and not from Jesus (the prince of peace).When the world is gone they’re back to the pit and although the hangover afterwards don’t feel so good they keep going back for the temporary feelings of satisfaction.


Faith doesn’t belong in men, it belongs in God because mankind will always disappoint you. The same man who lifted you up will tear you down and all it takes is a word. Shows how powerful words are. How much words can influence and change a person’s mind or way of thinking.


All it takes are the right words being poured into you in order to live life to the fullest. You can’t live life when the very things that were destined to kill you are being poured into your cup.


 “You can’t mix water with poison and expect the water to get rid of the poison “- Vlad Savchuk.


It takes the living water of God to cleanse you of the poison the devil has poured into us for all of these years. We can’t run away from this world, that’s impossible, but with the blood of Jesus he can empower us to overcome this world just as he has already overcome. He already won. That’s why the devil and his demons are destined for hell.


 It was never supposed to be us in hell but because of the sins and evil we commit and the refusal to change and wait on the Lord’s blessing we send ourselves to hell everyday. That is why God made a plan to send his only son to die on the cross for our sins. So that the same cross Christ died on, we can go to his cross and confess each and every single one of our sins and those sins are nailed to the cross. Our sins are what put Christ to death, and he went to hell for us and defeated the devil and his kingdom and condemned every sin into the pits of hell so that we can be saved. We are saved by the shedding of his spotless and sinless blood being exchanged for our sins. Every sin leaves a mark or a dark spot on us but the blood of Jesus cleanses that spot, or wound and heals us. His blood makes us acceptable and pleasing to God. Our flesh is put to death on the cross and the same way Jesus rose up on the third day in the glory of God is the same way we rise up with him. We go from sinners to saints just by believing in the powerful work God did on the cross.


The kingdom of darkness is already going to hell, that’s why him and his demons are having their fun now full of liquor, lust, murder, witchcraft, etc. It’s all the devil doing and he’s using God’s people to do so on this earth. Those things are nothing but of the devil, that’s why he goes so hard for what he does. He spends his everyday watching us to encourage us and tempt us to give up everything in Christ for the temporary he has to offer. The Bible says he was a murderer from the beginning, he is the father of lies. Since the beginning of earth he was the father of sin. Sin isn’t something as a royal heir of God we are supposed to carry. The weight of this world isn’t something we’re supposed to carry, let the devil have that. That’s for him to have not us. He’s rebellious, sinned against God and doesn’t care what God says because he already knows where he’s going, so right now he is promoting YOLO (You Only Live Once).


He had the best seat in the house, he was the most beautiful creature, he had the most Beautiful God given talents but he gave it all up for control of men, praises of men and the need of approval, he gave it up for pride, he fell in love with himself and doesn’t care about nobody on this earth. And he tries his hardest to raise many people up to be just like him, the sad part is humans either think the devil loves them for following him, or we think God is with us while doing such things.


The devil has no love in him, it’s impossible for him to love someone who follows him when he doesn’t even love himself in the proper way. He loves what people can do for him but he hates people because he sees God in them even when they can’t. Everytime he looks at man he sees himself, the once beautiful loving creation he once was, who was full of gifts and talents, beauty and awe, and it reminds him of how God was to him but he turned it down for a short time lived on earth. He threw the best seat in the house away all because he didn’t want to share. He was on top more than some of the angels in heaven but he couldn’t see it because he wanted more, he was never satisfied. And it doesn’t matter how many people he uses to praise him, compliment him, follow him, worship him; he never will be.


He deceived Adam and Eve into sinning because he was jealous of everything God blessed them with. God gave Adam dominion over the earth and everything in it. The plants, the animals, food, silver and gold, the water. Adam and Eve had direct access to God, they talked and walked with God, they had a relationship with God and the enemy came to take their eyes off God and put it on themselves how powerful they would be if they became their own gods knowing everything, or good and evil. Because that’s exactly what the devil did in heaven, he took his eyes off God and everything God blessed him with and put his eyes on himself, and wanted to be his own god, worshipped by men.


Don’t be like the devil when the devil desires and wishes that he was still you in your position deep down inside:

You are someone who is seated at the right hand of God on his throne, seated in heavenly places directly above the kingdom of darkness. Because of God we are more powerful than the devil ever has been, even in the kingdom of God.


We are God’s royal priesthood, chosen people, never to be thrown away into the deep bottomless pit of Sheol, and we can celebrate the coming of our bridegroom, where living water, healing plants, limitless food, dominion over the earth and no more crying, suffering, or pain is displayed in the second life (Heaven, the New Jerusalem).

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