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Michelle Warr - Bio


My name is Michelle, I am a devoted wife, and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I have a calling on my life to be maternal and nurturing, and this has influenced both my personal life and my career path. In 2009, I suffered a brain infection that led to pressure on my brain which led to a stroke. This experience although it was the most challenging event I have ever endured in my young life, ultimately led to my salvation as a Christian and dictated what I wanted to do for a living. I have a passion for helping others; I am a caregiver by nature. I worked for 6 years as a Med Tech or Personal Care Assistant, specializing in Alzheimer and dementia care. I graduated from American Public University with an Associates Degree in Public Health. Today, I have rekindled my passion for writing and art, and I use both my talents and spiritual gifts to compose edifying stories, share testimonies, and teach lessons under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.