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James Burch - Bio

James R. Burch is one of the co-founders of It Ain’t Over Ministries. He was born at Ft. Benning, GA (now renamed Ft. Moore), and once his father got out of the Army, spent his childhood from the age of 7 onward in Columbus, GA, graduating from high school in 1984 and college in 1990. James struggled earlier in life with alcoholism and sexual addictions, being arrested in 1991 and sentenced to 5 years in the Georgia State prison system and 5 on probation. While incarcerated he was saved by Jesus Christ on April 28, 1995, three days after his 29th birthday, at a Bill Glass Ministries activity at Central State Prison in Macon, GA.     


Once out of prison James launched out into the world but still had unresolved issues. These led to a re-offense in 1999 and a subsequent 10-year prison sentence. More determined than ever to become a better person, James drew closer to Jesus and found that God had a ministerial calling on his life.  During stays at D. Ray James Private Prison (now a Federal camp), Lee State Prison, and for the final year of his sentence, back at Central, James participated in Kairos first as an attendant, then as a dorm representative while still at D. Ray James. At Lee he was elected as Agape Chairman from May to November 2006 and, due to a series of sudden transfers, being installed as an emergency Agape Chairman in October 2007 for that month’s Kairos at Lee State.


James also served on Kairos walks at all three of the prisons where he served time. In addition, from being a participant and ultimately a co-leader of a dorm Bible study at D. Ray James, he became a prayer team member and then one of the service emcees at Lee, attaining these same positions at Central. James participated in Bible studies in the dorms at both those places also as well as prayer groups. He took a number of Bible studies during his incarceration, earning certificates and solidifying his knowledge of the Word of God.


Now that he is back in society, James has been a member variously of Pinehurst Baptist Church and Christ Community Church in Columbus, GA, returning to Pinehurst in 2019, a church he had first started attending all the way back in July 1997. At both churches he has been a door greeter, and at Pinehurst he was a Sunday school teacher from May 2014-January 2016 and again from October-December 2018.  James began participating in the Christ-centered Celebrate Recovery program in August 2012, actively participating in it until March 2020. From June 2013-June 2019 he was a small group leader in CR, co-leading one of the program’s step studies from July 2016-October 2017. In the midst of all this James attended Columbus Vocational College, graduating in 2013.


James met David Fore at Lee State Prison in October 2004 and over time have become very close friends.  They share a passion for helping convicted felons, a label they themselves wear but refuse to be defined by. From 2018 to 2021 they collaborated and worked on the Remnant Bible Study Course. This 374-page course was born out of a burden for the truths of the Christian faith to be restored as they were known by the early Church. A second, upgraded edition of the RBSC is in the works and is expected to be completed in early 2025. As James moves forward alongside David and others in this ministry, he desires to see people saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and delivered just as he was.  He gives God the glory for all his accomplishments as a Christian.