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Welcome to It Ain’t Over Ministries Virtual Fellowship Meeting. This online virtual meeting exists in order to encourage fellowship & participation in meaningful discussion among believers about various things in life, most definitely including the Christian faith and the content found on our website and the issues discussed in our live-streamed podcasts. Because of the broad reach of social media, we likewise anticipate people from a wide range of backgrounds coming to our online meeting to chat. Such a reality necessitates the laying of some ground rules if you are going to be participating in this meeting. In order to not be overly burdensome, the number of rules has been minimized, their nature simplified, so that it should be easy to understand what we expect and what consequences will be experienced for not following the rules.  These rules are basic and rudimentary to your conduct in everyday living in a world with other Human Beings.


  1. Since this is an online Christian Fellowship meeting, we expect the majority of participants here to be Christians and of many different denominational backgrounds. Some defending of your denominational affiliations is naturally expected but forcing someone to convert to your denomination will not be tolerated. As for what we of I.A.O.M. believe, it can be found on our website –> HERE, and these are non-negotiable unless the Holy Spirit shows us where we are wrong, in which case we will make a correction as we have determined to remain teachable. Others’ opinions will be respected, as we will not try to force participants to convert to our views, either. Forceful conversion attempts will result in banning from our meetings. If these behaviors persist, the ban will be made permanent.
  1. We adhere to a Biblical worldview and will not bow to political correctness, the woke mob, cancel culture, pride perversion, or any other fads, trends, and so forth. Bringing such nonsense to this forum will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  1. Threats, profanity, sexual content, alternative lifestyles, and racial slurs are forbidden. Not only will violators be immediately and permanently banned, but such behavior will also be reported to appropriate law enforcement officials if and as necessary.
  1. No one under 18 is allowed in this meeting. If you lie about your age and we find out, you will never be allowed to return to this meeting again and will be absolutely blocked from doing so. Furthermore, we keep very good, minutely detailed, and accurate records to show that we act in good faith in taking you at your word concerning your age and date of birth and should we later learn that we were deceived, strict consequences will be administered with no questions asked and no explanation necessary. Everything is well-documented.
  1. If sensitive topics such as abortion or sexual issues become part of a discussion, participants are asked to use appropriate language. We do not wish to discourage such talks, as these are important issues. What we do wish to shut down is the kind of stuff described in some of the above rules. If you disagree with someone, do so in a civilized manner, and remember, we will not tolerate that which is not Biblical.
  1. In the same vein, we ask that disagreements on any topic whatsoever be expressed in a manner that is civil and fitting as Christians. If a discussion gets too heated, it will be suspended for at least a few minutes so that people can cool off. If animosity continues, then the pertinent conversation thread will be closed. We expect and encourage meaningful discussions, and we realize that people can become passionate over the things they feel strongly about. That is fine, but if it becomes too heated, we do not want discussions to degenerate into worldly arguments and will take whatever steps necessary to prevent it.
  1. Trolling is not permitted in this meeting. Doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Any trolling that is deemed dangerous or illegal or both, as in rule number three, will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement officials.
  1. Spamming and advertising are not allowed here. Doing so will earn you a warning. A second violation will result in a permanent ban.
  1. An automatic and permanent ban will result if doxxing and/or sharing a person’s private information without their consent occurs.
  1. If you share about yourself in this forum by way of personal testimony, we encourage you to use discretion. Some people may not be able to handle your testimony. Also, this is social media. If there are things you do not want to put out there, do not mention them here.
  1. The “It Ain’t Over Virtual Fellowship Meeting” is an online “video” chat meeting.  We ask that if you choose to join us, that you be sure to enable your video camera and microphone at the beginning of your being admitted into the meeting.
  1. Since this is an online, virtual video conference meeting, we ask that you wear appropriate attire while attending and participating in the meeting.  We are not asking you to dress up as you would when attending a Church Service on Sunday morning; but we do expect you to be “decently” dressed whether that be in everyday street clothes or even your pajama’s, so long as there is no bear skin showing and that whatever attire you choose is appropriate.  If you attend the meeting and we believe your attire to be inappropriate, we will disable your camera and send you a “private message” letting you know.  You will be given reasonable time to change your clothing to something more appropriate.  If you come back on camera/video in the same clothing or something more revealing, you will simply be logged out of the meeting and not allowed to reenter.
  1. Since this is an online, virtual audio/video meeting, we ask as above in point #11 that you enable your camera and microphone when admitted to the meeting.  We also ask that you respect the person speaking by not “talking over” them, but respectfully waiting your turn to speak.  There is a button in the meeting somewhere on your screen/monitor to “raise your hand”.  If you click that button, you will be given the opportunity to speak.  We also ask that if there is a lot of “background noise” in your location such as crying, screaming, hollering children; the T.V. playing loudly in the background by a spouse or others, loud construction noises, the washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, etc… that you monitor your microphone and keep it “muted” until you get ready to speak.  If you are not doing this, then we will “mute” your microphone for you.  Once we “mute” your microphone, it is only “un-mutable” by you before you will be able to speak and be heard by others in the meeting.
  1. In all “It Ain’t Over Virtual Fellowship” meetings, there will be a minimum of 3, possibly more “Admins” and “Moderators”.  You will not know who they are as they will remain unidentified.  The duties of the Admins and Moderators is to keep the conversation flowing in a natural and respectful manner for everyone in attendance online in the meeting.  It is their job to enforce the rules of the meetings.  If you are found in violation of any of the rules of the meetings, when contacted in private message about the breaking of the rule(s) in question, the Admin and/or Moderator will make their position known to you at that time.  Arguing, debating, and being rebellious to an admonition from an Admin or Moderator will not be tolerated.  If you are found doing so, you will simply be banned from the meeting and not allowed to reenter the current meeting in progress.  If you disagree with any admonition by an Admin or Moderator at any time, you may file a formal type of “grievance” by sending a detailed email outlining the reason for the disagreement and any other concerns you may have to:, or by using the “Contact” form on our website.  Once we receive your email of concern, we will confer with the said Admin and/or Moderator involved to get both sides of the story/situation and will be in touch with you via email as to the rectifying and remediation of said concern(s).