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Instructor's Qualifications

Quality Amidst Unconventional Credentials



After having completed and published our Remnant Bible Study Course, First Edition, and now while working on the completion of the re-vamp of the Second Edition of The Remnant Bible Study Course, and other course content, many people have been quick to look down on us, James Burch and David Fore, Founders of The Remnant Bible Academy and creators of The Remnant Bible Study Course simply because we haven’t had, currently don’t have, and will never have any type of “Official Seminary Credentials”.  Their understanding is that it is impossible for someone without such “Credentials” and formal Seminary Training, to be able to correctly understand and teach the Bible the way it should be understood, taught, and lived out daily.



To those of that understanding, and for anyone who may be questioning our “Credibility” and/or “Credentialing”, the following explanation should hopefully clear up any misunderstanding on this matter and will also serve as our “Formal Response” to any who may wonder about, or question the authenticity, integrity, trustworthiness, and veracity of both Founders of The Remnant Bible Academy.



In the vast landscape of Theological education, Doctrinal Scholars, and Biblical studies, the traditional route often involves years of rigorous academic pursuit within Seminaries, Divinity Schools, and Bible Colleges. However, amidst this conventional path, there emerges a unique phenomenon exemplified by The Remnant Bible Academy’s Courses – a program of Bible study like no other, crafted by individuals who haven’t undergone formal Seminary training but have gleaned knowledge from esteemed figures within highly respected Theological, Academic, and Pastoral circles.



The Remnant Bible Academy’s Study Courses stand out not for the credentials of the Founders, but for the depth and quality of its course content. While the absence of formal Seminary education might raise eyebrows in some circles, it’s essential to recognize the many devoted years of prayerful study and the rich tapestry of learning experiences that have shaped the creators of this Academy.



Instead of the structured confines of Seminary walls, the Founders of The Remnant Bible Academy have embarked on a journey of spiritual and intellectual growth under the mentorship of highly respected, decorated, and credentialed men and women of God. Their education stems from diverse sources, including personal mentorship, intensive theological seminars, extensive reading, and deep prayerful engagement with the Scriptures being led by the Holy Spirit.



What sets them apart is not the absence of a formal seminary education, but rather the caliber of their mentors. Their mentors are some of the most top-notch Theologians, Pastors, and Scholars who possess not only highly acclaimed academic credentials but also a profound depth of spiritual insight and practical wisdom. The Founders of The Remnant Bible Academy have had the privilege of learning directly from these luminaries, soaking in their teachings, and benefiting from their wealth of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and expertise in each of their respected fields.



Moreover, the Founders of The Remnant Bible Academy bring to the table an unmatched passion like none other for Biblical Truth and an unwavering commitment to sound Apostolic New Testament Pentecostal Doctrine and Theology. Their journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of understanding the Scripture in its original context, grappling with Theological complexities, and applying timeless truths to contemporary life.



In a world where formal education is often equated with authority, The Remnant Bible Academy, its Courses, and its Founders challenge this notion by exemplifying the value of experiential learning and mentorship. While Seminary education undoubtedly offers some invaluable resources and structured learning environments, it’s not the sole pathway to Doctrinal and Theological depth and understanding.



The Remnant Bible Study Course stands as a testament to the fact that true wisdom transcends academic accolades and prestigious titles. It emphasizes the importance of humility, teachability, and a willingness to prayerfully learn from diverse sources. The richness of its courses content is a reflection of the diverse influences and experiences that have shaped its Founders understanding of Scripture and Theology.



Ultimately, what matters most is not the pedigree of the Founders but the quality of the material they produce. The Remnant Bible Academy offers a refreshing perspective on Biblical Study along with solidly grounded, tried and true application of what is taught to everyday life, grounded in both academic rigor and spiritual depth. The Remnant Bible Academy serves as a reminder that God’s truth is not confined to the halls of academia but is accessible to all who earnestly seek it, regardless of their educational background, ethnicity, race, gender, age, or any other factor anyone may use to try and dissuade someone from a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.